A positive mindset in #birth is everything! Your body follows what your mind tells it to do. Your body doesn’t know pain. It’s your mind that says this is painful. Personalized birth affirmations and sayings are some of my favorite tools to use in birth. Everyone has a different something that works for them and often you won’t know what you need until you are in the sacred birth space. Some of the most amazing births I have ever done the women were so in their power by chanting words of encouragement to themselves and their babies out loud. There is that saying, “You can’t stop the waves from coming but you can learn how to surf.” When a contraction starts, if you go into it with a negative outlook, the way you ride that wave will follow that intention. The same goes for when you set your intention with an “Oh yes!” this is what I want. Like, I’m getting closer. Or, I open wide for you baby. It’s a whole different ride. In a resent birth I had a mom to be chanted throughout her labor, “I open, I open, I open. Cervix fluid like water. Big pool of water. Open wide. Lake, fluid, yes. This is good. This is what I want.” I would start her off by planting seeds and she would chant what she needed over and over again right throughout the active labor and transition stage as she rocked back and forth on the birth ball, on the toilet and swaying her hips side to side while standing. I had another mama talk to her baby during each contraction throughout her labor telling her baby, ”Mama is opening wide for you. I love you my baby. Mama loves you. I’m going to meet you soon. I can’t wait to kiss you and hold you. Oh, this is good. I’m doing it. I’m so strong and powerful. Bring it on, Come on, come on baby, come to mama “. You can see that by doing this it changes the whole experience, reminds you of why you are doing this and gets you into a positive birthing zone.