EMPOWER YOURSELF – I LOVE me some positive birth affirmations! This is something I started having my mindful moms to be do when I prep them for birth… They have found it super helpful as your mindset is everything … Not to mention it’s been a HUGE hit with the hospital staff .. In fact my last birthing mama said all the doctors and nurses loved it so much and thought it was brilliant that they all asked to take photos of it ! First make a list of your fears and then change them into positive affirmations. Example: “I am so scared my labor is going to last for days and be super painful” to “I am strong and will birth my baby quickly with ease” . Take all your positive affirmations and write them out of separate pieces of paper. Next find photos and images that inspire you, example an open flower or a mother and new born baby. Cut them out. Get a large poster board and start to glue the images and affirmations on it. This is your birth vision board . Take a few minutes daily to visualize and meditate on this and also bring it into the birth for positive inspiration and motivation. In my book THE MINDFUL MOM TO BE I have mamas make beautiful signs out of their affirmations to hang in birth space .. ( if you aren’t feeling a vision board this is another great way to inspire yourself)  Happy birthing to you all !!!! #yesyoucan #yougotthis #gogirl

the mindful mom to be