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IMG_1727 Hip circles loosen up the hips and help release tension from the lower back.Try to do about six circles in one direction and then coming to a center point, pause briefly and reverse the direction of your circle. They are also great to do in labor not only to help relieve back and hip pain but it can help baby get into the optimal fetal position as your giving your baby more space to move. When prepping someone for birth I put on some good kundalini chanting music, have my girls close their eyes and move their body to the beat and find their own Rhythm. Something to remember … I learned in Tia-Chi the slower you move the calmer you become.


FERTILITY SMOOTHIE Watch The Everyday Super Momma – Fertility Smoothie tutorial with Me and Molly Sims! When I prep someone for pregnancy the first thing I do is pull unhealthy things out of the diet. After I detoxify them I begin adding healthy things back in. A gardener always gets the soil as healthy and nourished as it can be before planting precious seeds and plants, the healthier the soil , the more healthy and vibrant those seed and plants will grow. Our bodies are like as well, the healthier our bodies are before pregnancy the better the environment is to maintain a healthy pregnancy as well as to support a flourishing child. Something I have all my clients drink pre pregnancy is my fertility…