Today got to hang with my little buddy Lucas and his amazing mama … I was there when this awesome little dude was born 6 years ago . Ever since then we have all stayed in touch. I have even taught him some yoga here and there while I planted little seeds of spirituality and consciousness in him . We did a session about a year or so ago that I posted here.

Anyway he remembered what we did and asked to do more yoga with me .. How could I resist ????

Todays theme was beaming out love -After doing a few yoga poses together ….

I had him first think of all things and people he loves and the way that this love makes him feel . Next I had him breathe this feeling deep into his heart.


I then had him think of someone who he wanted to send his love to or that needed it the most . I had him envision a beam of light like a laser of love shooting out from his heart right into the person he was thinking about . I told him this was a secret weapon that Could fire out at anytime and anywhere .

Well he started shooting it everywhere .. to his mom , his dad , grandfather , his dog , a VERY VERY long list of friends and then we got to a person who he said wasn’t very nice to him . He asked me what to do about him ….  ( the same person came up again in the last blog I wrote when we did yoga last ) I said , ” the meanest people need love the most so beam your love from your heart to him like you are shooting him with a “love gun.”