I love crystals !! I have them all over my house, wear them all the time and bring them into the birth space with me.
I first learned about crystals and their healing properties from my dear friend ,a crystal healer and one of the two Energy Muse jewelry creators,Heather Askinosie.
I remember my first meeting with heather 15 years ago ! I sat down she poured me a glass of sun charged rose quarts water and did a crystal reading for me. She told me all about the crystals .. Next thing I knew I walked away with 10 new necklaces !!
Heather knows crystals better then anyone I have EVER met, she has turned me on to so many different kinds of crystals and ways to use them that I thought rather then me write a post on them I’d go right to the source and ask the crystal master herself what crystals she likes for fertility, pregnancy, birth, babies and the new mother …
Here is my Q and A with Heather Askinosie – Founder of Energy Muse Jewelry
How do crystals work?
To keep it simple human beings are made up of energy and crystals are made up of earth energy- when these two come together vibrational healing occurs. The use of gemstones for healing, meditation and manifesting have been used for thousands of years from every ancient civilization. On a more scientific level the human body contains silicon dioxide and a quartz crystal also contains silicon dioxide so when the two merge together healing occurs. Healing occurs in a variety of ways from energy blockages removed in the body, clarity, emotional release to increased energy it varies based on each individual person. As no two people are alike no two crystals are alike.
What are the different ways of using them?
The Egyptians used to grind up gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli very fine and wear it as eyeshadow . The Native Americans have used turquoise on belts to help digestion in the stomach. Greek Warriors used to wear garnets for protection in battle. Quartz crystal spheres have been used to foretell the future. Today gemstones are often worn on the body in the form of jewelry to manifest things into your life. Stones can be placed in a bath to energize the energy of the bath water based upon the gemstones spiritual intention. Gems are often placed around the home to clear the energy or attract certain energies into the home. Many aromatherapy blends have gemstones added to them to enhance the energy of the oils. Gems are often added to spring water to use as a spray or to drink so that the vibrational energy of the stone can infuse your internal body.
What stones are good for fertility?
I love moonstone. Moonstone is very powerful since it is aligned with the energy of the moon which has a feminine energy. When I was trying to get pregnant I wore a moonstone necklace and every full moon I would pray holding the moonstone necklace in my hands asking God to bless me with a baby. I would say that I was ready for a new soul to enter my body. I would then leave the moonstone necklace outside overnight to soak up the energy of the moon. I wore this necklace all the time. I then made myself a gemstone fertility belt made of moonstone, Larimar, chrysophase and rubies. I wore both of these pieces every day. Once I became pregnant I added more moonstones as my stomach expanded. When my girlfriend was trying to get pregnant I let her borrow my fertility belt. She also became pregnant. It’s know as the belt with good JUJU.
Rubies help with female fertility and male impotence. Excellent to wear while pregnant to promote the healthy development of the baby.
Unakite– Excellent to wear while pregnant to promote the health of mother and child. Wear during childbirth to keep calm and centered in your heart.
Chrysocolla– Has a very soothing energy while pregnant.Helps with labor pains.
Moonstone is the stone of fertility. Assists in balancing the hormones with fertility, helps to regulate the menstral cycle.
Pearls– Helps hormones and PMS, fertility and female reproductive problems.
Angelite– Wear to connect with your guardian angel and to channel healing from angels.
White chalcedony– Helps the flow of mothers milk, insomnia in pregant women. It has been said the white chalcedony is formed from the spilled drops of the Virgin Mary’s breast milk as she fed baby Jesus.
Rose quartz– helps to heal mothers after birth. Eases stress with fertility and the female reproductive system. Excellent to wear to be in the energy of love. Helps you to mother yourself. Excellent to hold on your belly while pregnant to help bond and connect with your unborn child.
Stones that are orange such as carnelian, orange calcite, tigers eye are excellent for opening up the second chakra
I personly believe that rose quartz is such a gentle and loving stone you should wear it, bathe in it by adding a few pieces in the bath water, sleep with a nice sized chunk next to your bed.
I have always added large gemstones to my kids rooms. A favorite of mine is Amethyst as it absorbs negative energy and emits positive and protective energy. I always like to add some black toumaline in the bedroom in the corners (large enough so they do not go in anyones mouth) or ontop of shelves to ground and protect the room. Rose quartz, amber, selenite and celestite are always soft beautiful energies that can be added to children’s bedrooms.
Its important to cleanse gemstones when a bedroom or a piece of jewelry feels heavy. Gemstones do not judge energy such as this is good or bad energy. They emit and absorb energy so its important to cleanse gemstones with sage or put outside under the sun and moon to reenergize them so that they can return to a neutral state of energy.
I feel gemstones are another tool that can be utilized to become pregnant, during pregnancy, labor and into motherhood. Gemstones come from mother earth so they can help us become grounded, balanced and centered. When we live life from this state of being life flows easier. When we are grounded we make decisions from our heart instead of our head. When we are balanced we know that everything has it’s divine timing and when we are centered we trust the divine plan of our life.
Energy Muse provided tools of empowerment. Sharing ancient secrets in modern times. I consider myself a spiritual scientist and have been on a personal spiritual jouney now for over 26 years. I have lived through dark times when I lost my way only to surrender and start over again and find the light. I believe everyone has a personal formula that works for them. I have been exposed to many healing modalities but have found working with gemstones to be very healing, nurturing and grounding. Its part of my formula to living a conscious life. To heal ourselves we must connect to the earth and ourselves. If we listen we will hear the answers.

For more on Energy Muse check out their website www.energymuse.com

A few years back I teamed up with energy muse on a mom to be bracelet line for pregnancy and childbirth – check it out pregnancy line



In the birth space here are my go to crystals that I carry in my doula bag and use to help hold sacred space in the birth room – Black tourmaline in all 4 corners of room for protection and to ward off any negative energy, Amethyst for peace and help one connect more with their intuition, Selinite -Opens up the crown chakra and removes energy blocks ,Rose quarts for love and Hematite for grounding.