A few months ago I started having these intense cravings for seaweed (Not a food that I normally crave) I believe your body tells you what you need if you just stop and listen to it. So I looked up some recipes in some of my cookbooks, went to the market and got my self some seaweed then whipped up a few meals.The first was this awesome seaweed salad, which I totally inhaled; you would have thought it was my last meal I was ever going to eat. I then found and completely became addicted to these roasted seaweed snacks (I was eating 2-3 packs a day) FYI(great snack for your kids) Whenever I crave something I always look up the healing benefits and properties of the food.I was absolutely blown away by what I found!!!! Not just for over all health but for pregnancy and conception as well.

Seaweed is high in Iodine as well as Folic Acid. Both assist in the healthy development of the fetus and decrease the chances of birth defects. Iodine increases fertility and protects the fetus from defective genes.

Supports healthy thyroid function

Aids in brain development

Strengthens digestion and is helpful for constipation (something common in pregnancy)

Very high in Calcium – good for strong bones as well as to help with the leg cramps that sometimes come with pregnancy.

Very rich in minerals and trace minerals

Helps to alkaline your body (when trying to conceive if your are overly acidity sperm can’t live)

Helps detoxify your body from heavy metals (something that’s good to do before trying to conceive)

Has a high Magnesium content which is a natural anti – inflammatory and over all relaxant.

Improves your immune system

Protects against cancer

Improves metabolism

Helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Great for your skin and hair

Helps reduce menopausal symptoms such as fatigue and hot flashes.

A few weeks ago I did a home birth with these great midwives in Las Vegas .. They told my client to get some nori seaweed strips and wet them and place it on her perineum to help speed up and aid with the healing process.