Hi Everyone !!!! It’s been a while since I have posted but I have some really exciting news and you will see that I have been super busy birthing a few other things besides helping all the mamas, couples and babies I work with.

After years of my smoothies going viral on the internet and being written up in magazines and blogs I have finally taken my smoothie recipes to the next level. I collaborated with my dear friend and former doula client Anna Rawson http://www.annarawson.com to form a company called SEEDLYFE – High quality Superfood Smoothie powders for ALL stages of womanhood.   https://seedlyfe.com

We just launched our first product which is a superfood fertility Blend 

Here is a video I did with my client Molly sims on the original recipe. Since then I have updated it a bit to make it even more powerful.  https://www.mollysims.com/blog/uncategorized/fertility-smoothie


Seedlyfe fertility smoothie supports endocrine and reproductive system*, helps reduce cell and DNA damage to improve egg health*, restores hormone balance and promotes regular menstrual cycle*, boosts libido and immune system*, anti-inflammatory*, promotes healthy cervical mucus*, increases egg quality*, akalines your PH levels to help sperm live longer inside your body, increases blood flow* and lowers FSH levels*. For your man: Boosts sperm quality, mobility and testosterone levels.


Our mission behind SEEDLYFE: To conveniently nourish the modern day woman during all the different stages of her life.

From a very early age I have been super passionate about working with women, health and wellness and have studied all kinds of healing modalities. One of my passions was learning about the healing properties of food, herbs and supplements. I love making blends and healthy concoctions and started making them for myself, friends and now for all my clients. I first created the fertility smoothie recipe for myself to help keep me fertile and my hormones balanced. A few years later one of my celebrity clients was trying to get pregnant and I shared my recipe with her. To this day, 3 children later she credits this smoothie for helping her conceive. My fertility smoothie quickly gained traction in magazines and went viral on the internet. Women all over the world have been drinking it for years and swear by it. When I wrote my first book “ The mindful mom to Be” I created a pregnancy and new mom smoothie as well as others for women at all stages of their lives that are now part of the  SEEDLYFE family. X Lori



When i was trying to get pregnant I researched all the best superfoods and supplements and was taking up to 25 different pills a day! I was surprised by the lack of information around the power of superfoods and supplements in helping my fertility. When I fell pregnant after struggling with infertility I hired Lori Bregman to be my Doula. We quickly became fast friends and realized we both had a passion for health and helping others! It turned out that I had been taking all the superfoods and supplements in Lori’s smoothie and totally agreed that all the nutrients helped me feel my best and get pregnant! I was so happy to conveniently drink lori’s pregnancy and new mom smoothie (rather than take 20 different pills) throughout my pre and post natal journey! XO Anna


our pregnancy and new mama breastfeeding blend is coming soon plus lots more for girls and women of all ages and stages !

Come follow us on instagram @seedlyfe_  https://www.instagram.com/seedlyfe_/?hl=en

xoxoxoxox Lori