Pregnancy is such an exciting tme but for many it can be stressful and bring up a lot of fear. When we are stressed or worried we don’t breathe. Next time you are in a stressful situation, stop, be present and notice your breath. Most likely you either aren’t breathing or you are taking short sips of air in. You can shift your whole vibe by just breathing . The slower and deeper you breathe the calmer you will become. Not to mention each time you breathe deep into your belly your baby gets flooded with oxegen which sends blood flow to help nourish them as well as your body. Try this simple breathing exersice the next time you are feeling stressed. Start by placing your hands on your baby, slowly for the count of 4-6 breaths, breathe in the feeling of and the word peace deep into your belly, as you exhale breath out thru your mouth, slowly for the same count. Let go of any stress, fear or worry you might be feeling. Do this for a few rounds and then notice how you feel … instant game changer – Lori Bregman “The mindful mom to be”