Nettle leaf tea is fabulous to drink throughout your pregnancy. Its super high in vitamins and minerals especially calcium.This is a great tea to drink to get more calcium in your body.

I make a fertility tea for my clients that is equal parts: Nettle, Red Clover and Red Raspberry leaf.According to Suzan Weed a combo of these 3 help boost fertility.


If you have leg cramps or body aches drink the powered drink Calm with added calcium ,warm milk and or nettle leaf tea as calcium is a natural muscle relaxer .

When prepping someone for birth I might have them not only drink red raspberry leaf tea to strengthen and tone their uterus, but also nettle leaf tea as it is really high in Vitamin K which will help prevent hemorrhaging during labor also this combo helps with pain and relaxes the body.(Add honey for extra energy)


After birth pour yourself s a hot steaming mug of nettle leaf to replenish from the birth and to help relax your body.