“Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow”

The other day I was doing some coaching with a mom client of mine who is starting a new business. She was saying how impatient she was getting about how long it was talking her to build her business. When you are building any kind of a strong and solid foundation no matter what kind (relationship, career… and so on) its always best to build slow and steady. There is a natural divine order and timing to all things. If you try and grow to fast you will miss  out on all the stepping stones that pop up day to day. Rushing like a horse with blinders on with only the finish line in sight you will miss out on the gifts only found in the present. When you can drop in and surrender to the moment you will see what works and what doesn’t and which direction you are meant to go . Building great masterpieces takes time. There is a great quote I love, “ The soul is not in a rush” but as humans our egos are. I always tell my new mamas this post birth- just be, drop in and use this post birth period as a time to get to know your baby because they are unlike any other child out there. Also don’t be in such a rush to get to the other side without taking the time to properly heal. Each day you are healing you are getting stronger. When you can drop in to the moment you will figure out the way your baby ticks which will give you confidence you will need as a new mother. This time is crucial and a special time you will NEVER have again with your child. it is a time for locking in bonding and healthy attachment which will build a solid foundation for you both to grow from … You as a new mom and a healthy secure start for your child in which the rest of his life will be built upon. YOU CAN RUSH A PROCESS IF YOU WANT IT TO BE SOLID AND LAST.