Ok everyone !!! Get ready because I’m about to get all wooo wooo airy fairy on you all :-) …

After talking with a friend this morning on a walk I felt the need to share this…..

I spent time with some friends and clients lately , one just adopted a baby , a few others  I know  are having a babies via surrogate  and multiple people that are and have used eggs and sperm donors to help them have their babies . We are so lucky these days to have these amazing resources to help us have children where in the past maybe we wouldn’t have been so lucky .
I have a VERY strong spiritual belief that our children pick and choose us before they are born. Before any of us incarnated we all make a soul contract with one another. It doesn’t matter how they come to you , if you carry them or not or use someone else’s  body ,eggs or sperm even step children these are your destined children.
There is a deep bond of your souls beyond the physical  and an unexplained knowing and familiarity . Thats because on another level you 2 already met . I often ask my clients to tell me what they think this baby of theirs will look like , be like or what kind of energy they feel their child will have . It always amazes me how every mother nails it !!! when I see their child down the road It’s always that child they described.
The bond is there and has been there forever , no matter how this child of your choses to come here they are coming home to you .
Connecting on a telepathic level ( great for when adopting , a surrogate is carrying your child , if you are pregnant or wanting to become ) 
Sit in a comfortable cross legged position and begin breathe into your heart as you exhale see that breath extending out from your heart .
Start to think about this child of yours that you are having and feel in your heart the joy , gratitude and excitement for this baby . As you feel it in your heart extend that energy out from your heart to theirs . Tell them telepathically how excited you are to be their mom and that you can’t wait for their arrival and to hold them in your arms . You can thank them for choosing you and tell them all about the life they will have with you … say whatever you want .. just let it flow from your heart and see it beaming to them .