Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. – James M Barrie

Go Maggie and George !!!! Yesterday they just raised 78$ (and lot’s of awareness) to help foster baby elephants through the amazing non profit the David Sheldrick wildlife trust . I am soooooo proud of you kids !!!!

“Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others”. Barbara Bush

I was so touched by George and Maggie that it inspired me to write a blog post about raising awareness and consciousness in our children. There are so many ways to help make a difference in the world by helping the earth , animals and people less fortunate then ourselves. You can’t help but feel good when you are helping making a difference in someone’s or somethings life. When we can teach our children the value of being of service it sets the foundation for a lifetime of awareness, consciousness, humanitarianism, giving, love, kindness and compassion. After all the future of the world is in their hands and it’s up to us to guide them and show them they way .

The holidays are almost here, just like Maggie and George helped the baby elephants, this is an awesome thing to do with your kids for the holidays!! I have a girlfriend who researches and then picks 10 choices to present to her kids from charities, nonprofits, animal rescues/sanctuaries, green foundations, orphanages and shelters. She puts them in separate folders and goes through them all with her kids in depth, explaining what they each do and why and then the kids each get to pick one . Last year her daughter picked planting a tree in the rainforest and her son visited the Gentle barn and sponsored an animal that he feel in love with .You can also have them pick a charity that they are passionate about then have them either raise money, get physically involved or raise awareness about it .

One mindful mother that I know ,every year around the holidays has her two sons clean out their closets, toys and has them get rid of everything that they aren’t using. They all get in the car and go to either an orphanage, homeless or a woman’s shelter and give to those in need.
My brother took three of his children to a homeless shelter where they all volunteered that night to serve and feed the homeless thanksgiving dinner.

Another friend takes her children to the animal shelter once a month and they volunteer to walk and play with the dogs.

I just spent the weekend with a woman who volunteers with her dog and her two young grandchildren providing companionship for the elderly at an old age home.

Today a client was taking her kids to a toy store and having them each pick out a few toys for Christmas for the sick children and on Christmas eve will take them to the hospital to hand them out.

My friend walks daily with her dogs and kids, they always bring a bag and pick up trash along the way .

You can also give a gift that gives back to your kids . One of my clients sponsors a child in a 3rd world country each year in the name of her children. Her kids get a picture of the child and learns all about them and how they are helping .

Last week while driving I saw a lemonade and cookie stand that said, “help feed the starving children “ (there was a big picture of an emaciated African child). Apparently the kids learned at school that week about the starving children in Africa and wanted to do something to help. Needless to say … I bought a lot of lemonade and ate a ton of cookies that day ;-)

*Children are visual, they need to see and feel how what they are doing is making a difference.

So For this holiday season ,what creative way can teach your children about being of service? Show your children that the holidays aren’t only about only receiving toys and gifts, that the true joy is in making a difference by helping the planet and giving to those less fortunate themselves.