Personally for me I love a good old bath to help me relax. I always use yummy smelling bubble bath,  light a few candles, turn off my phone and either meditate, read or journal. The bath tub is one of my sacred spaces in my house where I go to find and be in peace. There are many ways to start connecting and forming a bond with your baby while they are in your womb. Here is a baby bonding bath ritual adapted from my book – THE MINDFUL MOM TO BE . 
Roses are the flowers of love, and rose oil  is calming and softens the body and ones energy . Both grapefruit and geranium uplift the spirit and act as a natural anti depressant. Rose Quartz are the stone of love and femininity. It helps bring love, Peace, harmony and joy. 
Here is what you need:

2 Rose quarts crystals

10 drops of rose oil

5 drops of grapefruit oil

2 drops of geranium oil

1 cup of Dr Bronner’s unsented baby mind pure Castile soap. 

2 handfuls of fresh rose petals 

How to do: 

Place the rose quarts in the bathtub and draw a bath.

Mix the soap and oils into the bath. ( you can use any bubble bath or salts if you aren’t a DIY kind of a person)

When bath is full toss in the flowers.

Once your in the tub gather the rose quarts and place one on your heart and the other one on your belly. Do your deep belly breathing breathing in the word love to your baby and breathing out through your mouth any fear. Breathe in through your nose all the joy and excitement you feel for your baby and breathe out through your mouth any frustration. Breathe in through your nose the feeling of peace and calm and let go of any stress as you breathe it out of your mouth. Each time you breathe out you soften your body and relax a little deeper into the bath. 

Next start to picture and imagine your baby in the tub with you. Her/ his naked baby lying on your chest, skin to skin, heart to heart.  Imagine and feel that feeling of  touching her soft newborn skin, feeling her breath, and kissing her head. 

Start to imagine your life with your child and see yourself as their mother let yourself fantasize about your life together. Begin to talk to your baby (out loud or inwardly) let them know how excited you are to be their mother and how grateful you are that they choose you to be mom. Let them know all the fun things you are going to do together . Breathe all this into your heart and as you exhale through your nose visualize your heart expanding with pink energy as all this joy and love beams out  from your heart into theirs.  Sit with this visualization of her still skin to skin and heart to heart while simmering in the energy of your love. Pay attention to your heartbeat, seeit as a pink flickering light. Imagine your baby’s A smaller pink flickering light. Start to see these 2 beats beating at the same pace and becoming one. 

This  baby bonding bath helps to lock in an energetic bond between mother and child. You can do this anytime you want to connect and shower your baby with some love. 

How cute is this ??? When my girl Claire did her love soak …. Big brother Luke wanted to get in on the action as he was feeling all the love and excitement about his new sister too !!!