I LOVE rituals !!! I am always playing around with different ones constantly, they help me connect to my inner goddess and the magical witchy side of life. I especially love baby shower rituals and have in the past written about a few different ones I like. The other day I did a new moon manifesting and setting our intentions ritual with my friend Jessica. When I got home I thought OMG this would be totally awesome for a baby shower !!! Baby shower rituals are a great time to set intentions for the expectant, mother, couple, birth, baby and family. This is also awesome to do for a soon to be bride at her shower .

What you need is a BIG ice tub or some kind of huge container or tray you can put a few pounds of salt in .

Small to medium mason jars – 1 per person ( Might be nice to give the expectant mama a bigger one )

Epsom Salts – Depending on how many people are there I would buy a few pounds ..

Himalayan Sea Salt – A few pounds

*Mix the 2 salts together as the base .

Essential Oils – ( display with note card that says what it does ) These are ones that are fine to use during pregnancy , If they aren’t on this list please don’t use them’ as you are going to have the expectant mommy soak in this during the full moon.

Rose oil – Balance , harmony and love

Geranium – uplifts the spirit and is good for poor circulation

Eucalyptus – Helps clear sinuses and respiratory congestion

Roman chamomile– Calms and helps with insomnia

Grapefruit – Helps with water retention

Bergamot – Uplifts the spirits and promotes joy

Lavender – Healing , relation , calming and soothe aches and pains

Neroli – Uplifts the spirits , anti inflammatory , relaxes and eases nervous tention

Pachouli – calms the nerves and promotes clarity and happiness

Ylang Ylang – relaxant , calms and is an aphrodisiac

Sweet orange – Calms and uplifts the spirits

Sandalwood – Clarity , calms , relaxes and is an anti inflammatory

Lemon – Good for morning sickness and is an anti bacterial

Dried Herbs – Display separately in containers , baskets or bowls.

Dried Lavender – To calm and relax

Dried rose buds or rose petals – For love and harmony

Dried lemon peel – smells good

Dried orange peel – for happiness and joy

Dried chamomile – for calming

*For an added touch You can use Bach flower remedies too ( these are ones I use in the birth room .. what ever is left over have her bring into the birth room so she can take internally .

Walnut – Soothes anxiety

Rescue remedy – Alleviates anxiety , stress , fear and promotes calm

Olive – Helps with exhaustion

Elm– Helps with feeling overwhelmed

White Chestnut – For insomnia

This ritual is best if done on the NEW moon as it is the most powerful time for setting intentions .

Have the salt all mixed up and all the oils , herbs and flower remedies displayed .

Everyone gets in a circle and sits around the salt , pregnant woman is also in the center of the circle

Have someone burn sage and smudge the room to clear the energy

Take turns going up to the pregnant woman and salt mix – Pick an oil or two and put in a drop or two into the salt , take a pinch or small handful of herbs and few drops of some remedies and speak your intention and well wishes for the mommy and baby as you mix with your hands it into the salt .

Close the circle holding hands, close your eyes and feel into your heart your intention , love and gratitude you all feel for this woman sitting in front of you . For a few moments send (beam ) that love from all of your heart to her.

Everyone grabs a jar a scoops up a jar full ( mama goes first with her big jar )

You all take it home and let it sit for two weeks until the full moon . Over these two weeks it has been said that the energy of all your intentions builds and builds.

During the full moon ,each one of you, where ever you are bathes in the salts and meditates on your intention. The expecting mother does the same obviously her bath isn’t as hot as yours ;-), hers is warm. As she bathes in all of your beautiful intentions they get absorbed into her being.

*Note – If it’s to expensive to buy all this you can have each person bring an herb, oil, flower remedy they want to use and a box of Epsom or Himalayan sea salt . I have found when doing this, people forget, So if you do this best to send an email reminder . Also email people on the full moon to remind them to take their new moon bath. If they don’t have a bath tub they can add a little almond oil to the mix and use it as a scrub …