Being a doula has taught me how to be incredibly flexible, to be in the present moment, go with the flow and trust the unfolding of each individual birth. The first thing I say when prepping my clients for birth is that you can’t predict birth. You should always have a vision and set your intention or a goal, work and prepare for it but you also must allow some flexibility with that goal. When we cling to tightly to a vision or try and control it our body will constrict and become ridged. When we allow and trust the unfolding our bodies begin to soften. This is a hard one to grasp for those who like to control situations -Nobody can tell you when exactly you will go into labor, How your labor will start, how quickly you will dilate, how long your labor will last…. In labor just like in life – Set your goals, take action and then give it to God and simply allow the natural flow to unfold. Labor truly is the ultimate journey… Someone once told me that what comes up for you in birth, during pregnancy or even while trying to conceive is a missing piece you need to integrate for this particular child of yours. In the twists and turns, the highs and the lows there are many valuable gifts and lessons to be learned. For some it might be patience for others it might be learning to surrender or connecting with and finding strength they never knew they had … BIRTH ISN’T SCRIPTED, IT UNFOLDS