One of the first few sessions I do with my clients that do my pregnancy coaching/doula package is to create a bubble of peace that they surround themselves in throughout their pregnancy. It’s not just the foods you eat or the products you use that goes into the foundation that your baby will grow from but also from the energy in which he simmers in.

By creating this bubble you set an intention for the way you want to feel during your individual journey into motherhood.

Get cozy in a position that feels good to you.

Close your eyes and begin to see your pregnant self.

Begin to imagine a big bubble all around you.

visualize a place that you have been that you felt relaxed and at peace at  and fill up the space with this environment. EX: one of my clients said the mountains of  Switzerland another mamas was a lake house she often visited with family in her youth. Someone else’s was a big lush lawn in colorado in the summer time.

Use your senses to feel the sun or air, smell the fireplace or sea air, hear the sounds of the waves or the leaves moving on the trees, see the colors and everything that’s around you.

Come up with  3-5 words that describe how you feel in this bubble. Ex – strong, vibrant, happy, carefree and calm. Another person said protected, secure, peaceful , relaxed and joyful.

Using these words set your intention for your pregnancy that this is the bubble of energy you are surrounding yourself in.

Scan your life in the present moment.

Who are the people you are surrounded by ? Do they feed this energy if so then AWESOME bring them into your bubble if not move them out. Do the same things with your thoughts, habits, where and how you spend your time and places that you frequently visit. Again bringing in all that feeds and supports and moving out all that doesn’t.

Ask yourself is there anything else you can do to have more of this energy in your life and bring it into the bubble.

Place a protected barrier of an earth color ( Burnt orange, rusty red or plum) around the edges of your bubble to help seal in this energy.

Some of my clients do a vision board from this place or draw their bubble and put it up for them to remember their intention.