“I think of pregnant women much like a caterpillar that’s in a cocoon transforming into a butterfly. During pregnancy she is shedding and releasing the old and building her new mama wings. A death of the old must happen so a new life can emerge. Every transformation is different as are each mother and butterfly out there, No two are the same. There is so much focus on the birth and arrival of the baby and not enough acknowledgment and attention to this incredible metamorphose that happens when a women gives birth to this new part of herself. As Maya Angelou says -“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”

Some pregnant women feel that something is changes in them but cling so hard to the old out of fear that they fight this organic process. When we hold on to the old and what no longer serves there is no space for this new life you are about to birth to come in. There is that quote that I so resonate with, “Every new level with demand a different you”. Allow your self the space for the natural process of becoming. So much of the work I do with moms to be is about birthing this new part of themselves. Pay attention to what is showing up for you along your pregnancy journey. It is usually the missing piece or pieces you need to heal or integrate to help build your beautiful motherhood wings.