I don’t know about you all but  Sometimes I find it hard to eat healthy and consistently especially when I’m running around, out and about on the town. Here is a list of on the go snacks that don’t go bad and you can bring in your purse or keep in your car. Eating every few hours helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and can help with morning sickness.

Dried or dehydrated fruit – I’m sort of obsessed with freeze dried mangos and apples right now organic mangos

Mama chi squeeze – Chia seeds are super high in calcium and omegas. This is also a great snack for mamas to eat during labor. chia squeeze

Nuts and trail mix. Nuts are high in protein and good fats. I love walnuts , Brazil nuts and almonds for pregnant moms. Raw almonds

Nut butters with an apple or crackers I love Jilz and mary’s gone crackers   – And Justin’s make a great little squeeze pack. When you eat a protein with a card it helps balance the blood sugar and sustain your energy longer. Jilz crackers and Justins almond butter packets

An individual pack of protein powder or place scoop in baggie or mason jar and add water when ready to drink. Good for healthy tissue growth .  Sun warrior protein powder I also recently found these the other day at my health food store Orgain protein drink

Snack bars – my 3  favorite are Rise bars , Glo bar  and Elemental Elemental superfood seedier

Kale chips Hi in Iron, calcium, antioxidants and Vitamin C  Brads Kale chips

Seaweed snacks. High in calcium and minerals.  organic seaweed snacks

individual Oatmeal container – Oatmeal is great to help sooth the nerves. Red mill oatmeal

Go raw pizza snacks – High in omegas and fiber.  Pizza flax snacks

Go raw sweet Spirulina energy bar. High in protein and rich in Iron  Spirulina energy bars

Powdered Bone broth for healthy digestion, strengthens the immune system and helps with inflammation.  organic pure bone broth

Gopal spouted pumpkin seeds – High in omegas, magnesium, zinc for health immune system and Tryptophan for Restful Sleep seeds