With today being so ridiculously hot out I thought this post would be appropriate !!! Because of the extra fluids, weight, pressure on the veins and hormonal changes towards the end of pregnancy its VERY common to have swollen feet .

Here are some great holistic remedies that I always recommend –

– Elevate your legs by placing your feet up on a feet pillows a few times trough out the day,especially at night. Always keep your head propped up about your heart.

– Exercise to keep the circulation moving .

– Regular massage with an extra foot massage, helps with circulation and fluid retention.

– Soak feet in warm salt water then massage with jojoba oil with an added blend of a few drops of peppermint oil to help cool,a few drops of grapefruit oil for anti-inflammatory,a few drops of ginger oil to reduce swelling and improve circulation.

– Don’t cross your legs.

– Sleep on left side .

– Roll feet on tennis ball for 4 min .

– Soak feet in tonic water.

– Swim.

– Wear comfortable shoes .

-Soak feet in ice cold water .

– Roll feet on ice cold cans.

– Avoid anything salty .

– Wear support hose.

– Flex and point your feet and do ankle roles through out the day .

– Stay hydrated – Drink lots of water .

– Stay cool .