I have been trying to get my people for years to eat garlic while they are pregnant and they just look at me like I am bat shit crazy ! The very thought of it makes them cringe just thinking about it . I can’t believe I totally forgot about sociable garlic capsules !! I use to take them everyday for years to help with my circulation and to help regulate my blood sugar levels when I lived in Aspen . The brand I like is called Kyolic and when you take them your won’t burp them up or smell bad . Win win for all ! 
Here are the reasons I like taking or eating garlic in pregnancy :
It boosts your immune system and helps fight off illness and has natural antibiotic qualities.
Is is an anti-bacterial ,anti-fungal and anti-viral.
Reduces blood pressure ( Something if you are suffering from late in pregnancy can help)
Blood thinner ( Good to take if on bedrest, during and after flying to help prevent blood clots)
Regulates blood sugar ( great for Gestational diabetes and blood sugar in balance  )
Is an anti inflammatory.
Is a natural decongestant ( great for pregnancy stuffiness , allergies or the common cold )
Helps with shortness of breath ( when baby makes it hard to breathe during month 7/8 of pregnancy )
Helps your body absorb iron better.
Increases circulation and blood flow.
Prevents cancer.