Being a new mom as magical and amazing as it is comes with its fair share of hardships. During pregnancy when coaching my moms to be I do a lot of work on self care and empowering them to be their authentic selves as well as supporting them in their truth, whatever that may be. I try to lock this new way in while pregnant because when they become a new mom often all of it goes out the window and they become the last man on the totem pole.

When you are depleted and are running on empty its VERY hard to be present, patient, compassionate, loving and understanding. Taking care of yourself is not selfish but an act of self love. When you take time for yourself,  you will be leading by being an example and showing your children the importance of self love.

I started doing these new mama wellbeing jars with my mothers and moms to be that I coach and I must say its been a huge hit and a game changer for them all. You don’t need to be a mom to do this, I just did one for myself as I am making  self care a priority in my life these days.

You need:

1- wide mouth mason jar

colored paper or post- Its

Pick as many actions you can do from each of these: (I have given you examples)

Healthy food: Go meatless today, drink a green juice, cook a healthy meal.

Exercise: Do  home yoga practice on Yoga Glo, take a hike in nature, go for a run.

Spiritual practice:take 3 deep breathes, read 2 pages in a spiritual book, write a gratitude letter to someone I am grateful for.

Beauty: Get a blow dry, put on make up, do a face and hair mask.

Nurturing: Take a bath, Sit outside in nature and meditate by watching the clouds,  get a pedicure.

Fun: Book a concert, try a new restaurant, plan a girls lunch.

Write them all out on separate paper, do as many as you want, fold them up and  put them in the jar. Every morning or before bed pick one and commit to doing it that day. Before you know it you will be refueled and thriving!