Here is a great labor tip I do with my birthing mamas –

When you are in labor try sitting on your Birthball and think of a positive affirmation like one of these examples:  MY BODY WAS MADE TO THIS”. “I TRUST IN MY ABILITY TO BIRTH MY BABY WITH EASE” ,” I AM STRONG AND CAPABLE” ,” MY BODY OPENS ,MY MIND QUIETS ,MY BABY DESCENDS”. Start spelling out the affirmation by rolling your hips to the letters that make up your affirmation .This is a great distraction technique as it quiets your mind by focusing on your spelling and movement, it plants seeds of inspiration ,positive motivation and empowerment and helps open your pelvis and the rolling helps baby rotate while sitting upright uses gravity to bring your baby down. You can also try spelling out your baby’s name. ( A great reminder to know there is a baby waiting at the end )