Chlorella is a strain of green algae that grows in fresh water . Sun chlorella is a superfood that has one of the highest concentration of nutrients.

I always have my clients take when breastfeeding as it helps enrich the breast milk and reduces the amount of chemicals and dioxins from reaching the baby through breast milk .

When prepping someone for pregnancy I have them take to help pull out any heavy metals from the body . It also helps with fertility , especially for woman with follicular phase issues( period – ovulation time ) . Sun Chlorella helps follicles to grow and produce healthy eggs .

During pregnancy sun chlorella can help reduce up to 30% toxins , dioxins and chemicals that can pass from mother to baby. Also helps remove any toxic waste from the body . Helps you produce more oxygen and purifies your blood. Helps balance blood pressure , eliminates molds in your body and help repair and build tissues .