If the imprint of bonding wasn’t established and a child doesn’t properly attach to their mother or parent in the beginning they could later in life have a hard time attaching and being intimate with another . One way to lock in healthy attachment is skin to skin as often as possible post birth and for the days , weeks and months that follow.
For nine full months your baby has been developing in protective and peaceful sanctuary within your womb. Coming earth side can be a traumatic experience for your little one . To make the transition easier, I always suggest immediate skin-to-skin contact . They say babies thrive the best when they are returned right away to their natural habitat which is to the mother – You are familiar as they knows your energy , smell , voice and your heart beat all this helps them feel safe as they transition into this world .
skin-to-skin contact also helps: stabilize baby’s body temperature and heart rate. Normalizes baby’s breathing patterns and lowers the levels of stress hormones . The baby is exposed to natural bacteria from the mother, which helps prevent her from getting sick and baby will be more likely to latch on right away, feed longer and more easily. If the mother is unavailable, your partners chest is the next best place for your baby to be