One of my new #mindful dads sent me this profound text last night and I had to make the quote above out of it because I was so blown away by it and his deep words of wisdom ????!!! As someone who spends a majority of her life in the realm of pregnancy and birth …. I could spend hours talking about the spirituality of pregnancy and birth .. There is so much yumminess in the unfolding .. You never know what’s going to come up , what parts of yourself you will meet, how it will unfold ,what gifts you will find ,what blocks you will come up against ,What lessons will be presented … In birth you play in the magical gateway Between life and death .. The way you go out is the same The same cosmic doorway you come in .. This portal is wide open and is where we birth workers, birthing mothers and partners play in during a baby’s journey as they make their way earthside … In this unfolding you Will let go of, find and connect with of parts of yourself that you need as you give birth to yourself as a mother ( and father ). For some that might be finding a strength that you never knew you had or connecting with vulnerability and receiving….. for others it might be learning patience or letting go of control …….There’s a whole other energetic and spiritual component happening in birth besides the physical – Pretty cool stuff if you ask me – xxoox Lori Bregman