During pregnancy, it’s not just the baby who is growing — you are also changing.
You’re changing physically, but you’re also changing personally and spiritually,
too. Good nutrition, sleep, and care are critical for obvious reasons; but
sometimes the most important ingredients are overlooked: mindfulness and
self-awareness.The metamorphosis of pregnancy is like a caterpillar becoming a
butterfly. During pregnancy, you are in the cocoon, transforming, shedding the
old, and becoming something new. The emerging butterfly is the birth and
postpartum period. You have emerged anew, but you stick close to your cocoon as
you get used to your new wings. After a time, you are ready to fly forth as a
newborn butterfly with wings that are uniquely yours and only you can grow
into.That caterpillar will always live inside you and be the origins of your
butterfly, but you are literally growing and birthing a new part of yourself.
Just as every butterfly is unique and beautiful in their own way so is every
mother. There are no two women, pregnancies, births, or babies that are the
same, and so everyone’s journey into motherhood is completely different and
unique – Lori Bregman