Ok so I LOVE products ,services, groups, gadgets, apps …. Basically anything that supports women who are trying to conceive, is already pregnant, childbirth, breastfeeding, new mommies as well as healthy and happy children and mindful, empowered mothers and people too.

I have decided to start a adding to this blog my weekly mama must haves.So make sure you tune in to see what I and all my mindful moms to be are raving about these days.

Todays MUST HAVE is for all my pregnant ladies ….

the life changing magic of tidying up

“The life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo is a step by step guide for nesting at its finest.. A pregnant woman’s dream come true ! In my book #themindfulmomtobe I talk about the primal urge of nesting before baby. Some clean their house frenetically… I have had clients after there was nothing left to organize in the house go on to organize their husbands tools in the garage (I was like, “Hey when your done there come on over to my house,I could keep you busy cleaning and organizing until your about to give birth:-) ,another client bought a new house and decorated it fully from the ground up herself in just 2 months time. Others have completely rebalanced or restructured their lives and pulled away from Certain people and situations … It’s like a force takes over you and you just can’t stop … NO .. You are not going crazy or loosing your mind .. This is a VERY normal thing that happens during pregnancy. “YOU CAN’T REACH FOR ANYTHING NEW IF YOUR HANDS ARE FULL OF YESTERDAYS JUNK”