For the New Mother & the mother to be…

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” ~ Author Unknown

WHEN THE ROOT IS DEEP THERE IS NO REASON TO FEAR THE WIND Just as the caterpillar goes through a major transformation to become a butterfly, so does a woman as she goes through the life creating process – from pre-conception, to pregnancy, to birth, and finally to motherhood. A life changing transformation takes place; not only will she birth a baby but she will also give birth to another part of her self that never existed before, she becomes a mother.

Whether you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are a new mother, The Rooted for Life Program will help support, guide, and better prepare your body, mind and spirit for this special time in your life. Rooted for Life is a complete body, mind and spirit support system for your transformation into motherhood. Rooted for life not only helps you birth a healthy baby but helps you birth a healthy and happy mother. In addition you will build a solid foundation from which both your child and you will grow from. Lori supports her clients on an energetic, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level, offering insight and compassion along the journey.

Each one hour Rooted for Life coaching session has a specific, timely topics for each stage of the pregnancy process that will help build a healthy foundation for your child and you.

The program includes the following: A monthly over view of what’s happening with your developing baby and your pregnant body, specific foods, supplements and recipes that support and feed both you and your baby’s growth for each month of development, natural remedies for all ailments, articles, interesting tidbits, book recommendations, referrals, meditations and breath-work to de-stress as well as to bond with your baby and yoga poses. You also are given a monthly theme, tools to support and homework that will help better prepare you for motherhood such as being present, letting go of perfectionism, healthy mom healthy baby, as well as, becoming a positive role model (one who leads by being a living example). You are also given a monthly theme to work on. Each of these are individually made & birthed from the session depending on each client’s specific journey into motherhood. Two weeks prior to our initial 1-hour Rooted for Life session, Lori will do a 20 min follow up check in phone session.

Rooted for Life can be done over the phone or in person
Price reduction when purchasing packages

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