So …. like I am sure for many of you, I gave up white sugar for new years. I have now recently been craving and eating stewed prunes like candy. I remember when I was a little girl spending the night at my grandparents house where we ate stewed prunes at night before bed and they were so delicious. In my book the mindful mom to be I talk about the healing properties of food. When I crave something I always look up the healing benefits. Prunes are one of my top choices to help with pregnancy constipation while researching the healing powers I was so happy to find that Prunes do sooooooo much more then just help you poop !

Heath and healing benefits of prunes:

Rich in antioxidants and Beta carotene
packed with fiber
Supports healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis
High in potassium, Vitamin A and C
Anti aging food
Keeps blood sugar levels stable
Lowers cholesterol
And helps lower blood pressure

I put mine in a glass container ,filled up with water and keep in refrigerator. Its easier on my digestion this way and I think it makes them taste even better.