“YOU HAD TO LEARN IT SO I TOOK YOU THROUGH IT” ~ The Universe. There is that saying, “The universe has shaken you to awaken you.” this is something I always remember when life throws me a curve ball. Sometimes we need to Be made so uncomfortable to grow, heal and move to the next level. When we get caught up in our story and fall victim to feeling like life is out to get us we don’t see how the universe is putting certain situations, people and events into our lives to help us grow and expand here on our journey. I recently went through something where a few things happened that squeezed me to shift. I didn’t look at these challenges as set backs I looked at them as gifts and then was able connect in and shift into gratitude . I was Only able to do this because I have a deep spiritual belief that no matter how difficult life gets at certain times I trust that the universe is abundant, has my back and is working in my favor for the highest good. So right away I found and connected with the lesson that I got from it and applied this gift to what I could I do from now on moving forward. Can you recall an event, time or person that shook you to the core, where you got a huge lesson (the gift) which woke you up and then helped you grow leaps and bounds from it? Every day life happens and challenges are all part of the journey. Trust that the universe has your back, Find the lesson and don’t get caught up in the story.