Ever since I can remember I have always been drawn to working with pregnant woman and new mothers.

Over the years I have studied all types of holistic healing and my thoughts always were; how can I gear this towards pregnancy, children and parenting? I often asked my self; where was this pull towards pregnancy and working with new mothers coming from? Was it my longing to be a mother? It wasn’t until I was taking my doula training and the first thing my teacher said was, “there is a reason you are here, something happened to each and every one of you in your life that brought you here today.” I had one of those, “a-ha” moments – this makes sense … but I still wasn’t aware of what it was.

During this same time I was doing a lot of therapy and healing work on myself. One of my teachers, Michele Meiche did very powerful “Hypnotherapy Clearing work” sessions with me. In one of our session I saw an energy that I carried deep with in my core of feeling like a burden, not lovable and that I don’t deserve to exist. I realized this energy was the driving force behind my life, every choice and path I chose came from this place. I had no idea where this was coming from but with the intention of finding out, I was back a week later. In the session she guided back in time to when I first felt these feelings and I kept going deeper until, BOOM I was in the womb. It felt awful in there!!!! I started getting totally stressed out, couldn’t breath and started to have a panic attack, she took me out of the session and suggested I speak to my mother about her pregnancy with me.

I called my mother asking what happened when you were pregnant with me?? She began to cry saying, “Lori the fact that you survived that pregnancy your soul was meant to be here “She began explaining to me all that happened from her being so young and the shame of what it was like being pregnant and not married back in the 60’s, feelings of being in denial, not eating, going into a major depression, talks and thoughts about putting me up for adoption, and more… she said something shifted inside her and in the 7th month or so of her pregnancy she felt me kicking and moving she started getting really excited having me …. However the energetic foundation had already been set.

I always say, “I spent the first part of my life getting messed up, the second part living from that place, the third part healing and finally somewhere around 40 I felt like I had finally arrived”. It’s my belief that before we are born we pick and choose our parents and have a soul contract with them. We experience lessons we need to learn that support us on our souls path.

I love my parents!! They did the best they could with what they knew at the time. My greatest wound turned out to be my greatest gift. This was My Path!!! However the state of the world is in major crisis, the future is in the hands of our children. They don’t have time to waste getting messed up, living from it and healing. It’s up to us to lead they way and set a solid and healthy foundation one of consciousness and awareness to grow from. Out of my own healing, life path, studying and deep passion“ ROOTED FOR LIFE“ was birthed.

When I was in my “Healing stage” I had to build a foundation for myself that I never had. I learned how to parent myself by being there for me, to seek and develop inside what I always looked for outside of myself. This phase of my life took a while; it wasn’t easy and was pretty painful. I was operating from the old unhealthy place for a very long time.

Through out this transformation I’d often find my self taking one step forward and two steps back to my old comfort zone as I was learning and then eventually embodying self love, self acceptance, self esteem, self respect, happiness and joy, healthy. boundaries, inner peace, health, security, I spent years and years becoming whole and I am proud to say, I am now deeply rooted in my authentic self Around this same time I studied with healers, teachers, took classes, seminars, went on tons of retreats and devoured every spiritual, self-help, health and healing books I could get my hands on.

I felt an urgency to grow, expand and transform myself. I some how knew that I wasn’t doing all this work just for myself, that through my healing and transformation I could share the tools and wisdom of my journey to becoming whole, truly authentic, empowered and to teach by leading by example of what it is to live from a place of truth.

From all of this ROOTED FOR LIFE COACHING and my TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING WORK was birthed. I feel so alive and happy helping someone transform their life for the better, seeing them shine big and bright while being rooted in their truth and living their authentic path in life.

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