Lori Bregman is the epitome of enthusiasm  when it comes to birthing and the care and well being of her clients. The prep for birth and emotional support  that she gives the women she works with begins early in pregnancy and continues on thru post Partum. Her loving support throughout pregnancy contributes to making the birth experience safe, fun and exciting for her ladies and their partners. Her care is unparalleled, doing a birth with her support is an absolute joy.  
—Dr Paul Crane

I absolutely loved working with Lori Bregman! All throughout my 9 month journey, she was so supportive and warm. She made me feel confident to be a new mom! Lori transformed my way of eating, my way of thinking, and I am still seeing the positive results from her work with me. If you want to have a play-by-play of the best things to do for you and your baby during pregnancy, Lori is your go-to girl!!
—Molly Sims

Lori Bregman is fantastic and her massages are extraordinary. She leaves me feeling totally relaxed and pampered.
—Heidi Klum, model and host of Project Runway

In a world where the most essential values of becoming a mother are getting lost, Lori Bregman’s Rooted for Life work offers a way to re-connect a mother to her most core nature, as she embarks upon the rite of passage into motherhood. Her amazing work to empower women into new mommy hood is a gift.
—Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, actress

Lori Bregman is the pregnancy whisperer! I rely on her support and insight to strengthen any program I provide for my expectant mothers. She is the most sought after doula and life coach in the business. I adore and respect her knowledge, insight and experience, both personally and professionally. Every client of mine that has benefitted from her involvement has been forever changed as woman and mother!
—Andrea Orbeck, pregnancy fitness guru

Lori was an absolute godsend throughout my pregnancy and during labor! She provided me with all the information I needed so that I felt informed, prepared, and excited instead of confused or overwhelmed. I read so many pregnancy books before I met with her, and honestly, I wish I had not wasted time on all those books and instead just gone straight to Lori! During my challenging labor, she created a serene, peaceful, and joyful environment, helping me to relax, meditate, and breathe through the contractions. I also have to add that she gives the most wonderful, healing massages I’ve ever had, and thanks to her homemade belly butter I have zero stretchmarks! My husband (who at first did not understand why I even wanted a doula) afterwards said that hiring Lori was the best money we’ve ever spent, and that she is worth her weight in gold :)
—Michelle Vick, founder of the Broke Girls Guide and The Baby Box Company

There are times in life when you need a loving and kind soul to be your partner more than others. The road to and during pregnancy is one of those times. With so much angst, fear and worry, it was a blessing to have had Lori on my journey with me. She always believed( even when I did not) that I would have a baby. Her commitment to helping me believe that it was possible was what kept me focused. She never let me sit in doubt for too long and was always showing me new ways to shift my energy in the right direction. Every day, every hour, Lori was right there to remind me of what was possible. In fact, she was in the room with me when my daughter was transferred. She gave me so much love in that room that I am confidant that the baby felt it and decided to stick around. Today, I am eternally grateful for Lori as she is a HUGE reason we have our blessed little girl. Look no further than Lori Bregman if you are considering or going through pregnancy- she is what I like to call an angel on earth.
—Suzanne Strasser Grant

Lori Bregman has helped hundreds of women (and men!) prepare for childbirth and parenting by providing holistic, mindful and practical skills. Her programs are uniquely designed to educate, empower and invite mothers into a process of self-inquiry and self-care that increases their ability to bond their child– and themselves–as they navigate through the life changing experience of conception, pregnancy and childbirth.’
—Seane Corne, Celebrity yoga teacher and spiritual activist

Lori, you saw baby Chase the moment I called you for help and you heard my voice! You somehow knew a baby boy was on the way and that he wanted me to be his mom. You found a way to make me see that he was only going to come into this world when the time was right and my husband and I were ready to be the parents he needed us to be. You helped me become strong and get through the hardest time of my life! Somehow the stressful roller coaster ride of trying to get pregnant made me the strong yet calm and patient mother that I have become! You prepared me not only for motherhood but for the obstacles that I could never imagined were ahead of me! Week after week we worked together to keep me calm, positive, and to never loose hope! You never gave up on me even when I wouldn’t breath!! I will never forget when the day came that my nightmare was over and a (Positive) saved my life. You have been such a huge part of my journey and our little miracle. Once we got this unimaginable news we worked together throughout my entire pregnancy month by month, week by week, on the most healthy diet for my growing baby. You wanted to make sure that he got the best nutrients for what was developing during that stage of pregnancy! You gave me all the information that I needed I never even had to read a pregnancy book!!! Your homemade maternity cream left me with not one stretch mark!! I can’t tell you how healthy and strong this little guy is!! He is so perfect!! You kept me calm and comfortable with your incredible maternity messages and you were even somehow able to get him to move every time which made me so happy and I have to say very much relieved. You were there for me during the birth which I would have never been able to get through without you. The hours of massages, stretching and keeping the husband calm was KEY!! I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my family! You will always hold such a special place in our hearts!!
—Jamie Hasson

Dear Lori,
This letter is long overdue but I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an integral part of my pregnancy and labor. Not only were you present during my pregnancy while I was on bed rest during my last trimester, but you were there during my birth and I have to say that I will always look back at the birth of my first born as an amazing experience and I know that is because of you. I was so anxious about labor because I didn’t know what to expect but you coached me and were there every step of the way with your massages, words of wisdom and confidence boosting pep talks. You helped me get to 8cm before the thought of even wanting an epidural even crossed my mind. I felt so strong with your encouragement. You created such a serene space in the delivery room and in turn I was amazed at how calm I was with your help. You even calmed my husband down, who was really nervous himself! I really couldn’t have imagined doing it without you and was blessed with an uncomplicated labor. Before I was referred to you I didn’t even really know what a doula did, but now after working so closely with you I can’t imagine not having one during the labor process, I think it is a gift every woman deserves. I’m counting on you being with me again when I have baby #2…. I can’t imagine doing it all again without you!!
With all my love,
—Ryann Karp

With her guidance and inspiration Lori has helped me through so many of life’s obstacles. She took me through the emotional highs and lows of a pregnancy, the loss of that pregnancy in the last trimester and gave me the tools and wisdom to use and apply for the grief that followed. A few years later I was pregnant again with my now daughter, lori helped me work through and clear any residual fear and worry of my past loss so I could fully embrace and be present in my pregnancy. Every time I come to her and need advice she opens her heart and shows the positive of every situation, leaving me with a newfound view and awareness. Lori is a light and I feel very blessed to have her in my life.
—Shana Garner

Lori has been such a supportive and enlightening friend and confidant. Her experience and insight has helped me through two pregnancies. She is always the first person I call when I need information or advice on being pregnant or a new mother. She never pushed her views on you, instead helps you come to decisions that are right for you and your family. In my industry I meet with tons of experts and I have to say that Lori is one of the most credible and informative that I have ever had to pleasure to work with.
—Mary Alice Haney, fashion designer

Lori’s heart is big and beautiful. Intuition, instinct and knowledge run through her. Lori has the unique ability to connect with people and understand them I find her guidance to be always right on. Since working with Lori I look at life in a totally different way, Things don’t bother me the way they used to. I roll with life and go with it trusting that I am exactly where I need to be. I constantly find myself passing on to others the wisdom and insight Lori has shared with me.
—Shana Brooks

Having Lori in the room got me through an extremely difficult delivery. no matter what was going on in the room she always had a calm , positive and peaceful healing energy. Just her being there with me was a huge comfort .The second I found out I was pregnant again Lori was my first call , while pregnant with my son I ended up on bed rest due to placenta previa , Lori was a godsend to me during this time ! Her support, nurturing, knowledge and love was invaluable.
—Lori Weston

There are no words to describe Lori B, she is truly priceless. I feel so blessed to have had her loving support throughout my entire pregnancy and birth. The light and energy she brought around myself, my husband and my baby was Amazing! She made me feel SO relaxed and READY for birth, she dismissed all FEAR and gave me FOCUS a focus of LOVE! She is still my friend to this day! MY FAMILY adores her! 
—Kelly Rowland 

I worked with Lori throughout my pregnancy. She was amazing , supportive and extremely knowledgeable. Lori always had the most amazing energy. If I ever had a question she always had an answer, a remedy and a funny story to go with it! Additionally her transformational bodywork / healing sessions were a lifesaver towards the end of my pregnancy ! I really needed her! The rooted for life program is amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to become pregnant, is already pregnant or a new mother !
—Lara shriftman

Lori bregman is a phenomenal intuitive healer, doula and friend. Under her loving guidance I was able to create the experience that I wanted for my pregnancy, labor and delivery. Lori’s sense of humor coupled with her keen knowledge of the labor and delivery process, helped me to overcome my fears. Her ability to help women stay empowered through the process is inspiring. My husband, my son and I are forever thankful for her role in our coming together as a family
—Desiree Bartlett, Pre & Post Natal Fitness & Yoga Specialist

I don’t know how I got so lucky to find Lori Bregman! She helped me throughout my pregnancy with anything from how to help my horrible heartburn by doing simple stretches, keeping me calm when I was nervous and helping me be healthy by eating the right foods for me and my baby boy. Her ability to make you feel calm and at ease is amazing. I felt so connected to my baby throughout my pregnancy because she helped me to visualize and be present with my body and baby throughout each trimester. When I was in labor she was truly incredible. She not only kept me calm and centered but she also kept my husband calm too. Lori is truly a priceless gift during pregnancy and labor and I know if I have a second baby she will be right there with me again which makes me feel so happy and lucky to know she will be by my side again!!! : )
—Shana Simmons

Lori was an integral part of my pregnancy and birth. I can honestly say that I don’t think I could have made it through my home birth without her amazing support. She anticipated what I would need and want throughout my labor and was the perfect coach. She said all of the right things, and provided tough love when I needed it the most. She is also an absolutely amazing masseuse which was essential in keeping me going hour after hour! In short Lori is a positive light that anyone would be lucky to have join them on their birth journey.
—Jessica Stanley

Lori is incredible. I needed someone special like Lori to support me through my first pregnancy. She’s very intuitive and knowledgeable. I’m thankful she never forces her beliefs onto me and never judges me on my decisions. Any time I have a question, she would respond quickly. I love working with her because she helps me believe that everything will be okay. She’s also so sweet and you can tell she loves what she does. I’m at 30 weeks and I’m so excited to have my baby with Lori by my side as my doula .
—Judy Kasai

My pregnancy was very hard on me emotionally and physically and I can honestly say my partner and I would not have gotten through it without Lori. Our doula had to be someone very specific, a perfect mix of scientific and natural ideology, Lori ticked every box. She provided unwavering support to us both, guiding us (not pushing!) in planning for the birth that was unique to us. I had a complete dream birth, and I credit so much of that to Lori’s love, support, kindness and just the right amount of spice! Thank you thank you, we are blessed to have had you in our lives and consider you part of our family. I Love you my darling!!
—Jaimie Lipsky

Lori is the BEST and I absolutely LOVE her! I’m so grateful to Lori for so gracefully helping us bring our beautiful baby boy, Beau, into the world. As soon as I met Lori, I knew she was going to be our doula… I just left very comfortable and at ease with her. Also she’s totally an expert on births! I had a 12 hour all natural labor in the hospital . Lori was so loving, encouraging and massaged me the whole time. She was not only fantastic with me but with my husband as well . I was able to successfully have a completely natural birth which was the most invigorating, empowering, magical experience! Lori was present for the most important day of our family’s life and she should be there for you too… we are bonded for life!!
—Shelton Wilder

I had a very challenging pregnancy. Lori came over every week and worked her magical hands on my body with massage. I was moody and frightened and annoyed quite often! She responded with non judgement ,kindness ,empathy, compassion and listened with a devoted ear. She managed to soften me! She taught me during pregnancy how to talk to and bond with my baby in the bathtub and listen to my body as well as honor my needs . She informed me what was going on week by week with my baby and my changing body . She welcomed my questions and phone calls 24/7:) Lori Bregman is a gift to all pregnant woman and their children.
—Jesse Schein

Lori- gosh how do I sum this up in words. She is a truly amazing and inspiring soul with an endless amount of knowledge, passion and love. Lori as my doula was a vital support during the entire pregnancy, birth and post. I wouldn’t do it without her and have recommended her to all my pregnant friends. I first worked with Lori as my doula, she came highly recommended from my prenatal yoga teacher. Since she has become a dear friend, always offering support, inspiration and guidance. I love Lori!
—Jill Munson

I really debated whether or not I wanted a doula. I knew that my husband would be there and my mom and sister are around too. But when I met Lori, I knew I wanted her involved in my birth. She is such a huge source of information about becoming a mom…physical, spiritual, emotional, nutritional, the list goes on! She did a wonderful job of preparing me and guiding me through the stages of my pregnancy. She helped me let negative things go and focus on the positive. She showed me some wonderful stretches to keep my body feeling good. She was very available and invested in me. It felt wonderful to have her on my team. When the big day arrived, she didn’t make me feel bad for calling her late at night and waking her and she met me at the hospitalat 1AM and stayed with me, coaching me, massaging me, being an advocate for me. She even caught an amazing moment on film between me and my newborn—one of my favorite pictures to this day! I had a great experience working with her and I would recommend her without hesitation.
—Vanessa Karubian Saxe

Lori’s guidance, support and wisdom helped me navigate a difficult divorce and then create the foundation for my incredibly rich personal and professional life which is now anchored by a wonderful marriage and beautiful, vibrant miracle twin girls. She helped me find the courage to live my truth and to manifest the life I wanted. It took several years and many attempts to conceive and her sage counsel was invaluable. Lori guided me through a meditation just prior to my successful transfer and was with me in the doctor’s office. She created a loving, calm space for me to conceive and bring in our girls. I live in New York but her constant emails, calls, support , inspiration and pearls of wisdom helped 47 year old me carry our twins full term. I worked until 3 days before and had no complications! Our girls were born exactly as Lori said and their personalities are just as she intuitively envisioned! Lori is an earth angel. Even my husband found her invaluable and while initially skeptical, came to rely on her expertise and friendship. I am so grateful for Lori’s friendship and support and am thrilled that she is expanding her reach to help more women bring rooted babies into this world.
—Pamela Ellison

It is hard to express in words the difference Lori made in my labor. Without Lori, I know it would not have been so beautiful and not to sound cliché but perfect. I love my partner, but he had no idea what to do and nor did I…and thankfully Lori was right by my side through every contraction and every unknown. Without Lori, I would have been scared and alone, instead I laughed up until delivery. Yes it was the most difficult thing I ever done, but with Lori by my side, my angel entered the world in the most peaceful way. I wish my words conveyed how thankful I am to have had her with me. She will always be a very special part of our lives.
—Becky Posternak

one of my best friends told me about lori when i got pregnant. i was resistant to call her, because first i barely knew what a doula was, and second i thought i had it under control. i had read every pregnancy book and i felt good. then, i really craved pregnancy massages so i made the call and met lori during my third trimester. I should have called earlier!!! in hindsight, i wish i had her throughout my whole pregnancy for not only massages but also for her unwavering love and support but also for her insight and wisdom about being pregnant. even after reading all the books, she taught me so much. she also held my hand during the anxiety prior to birth and through the excruciatingly painful and beautiful labor process. my husband had to be away during the 2 weeks leading up to my delivery, and Lori stood by my side during the ups and downs. i never once felt lonely. Words cant express how incredible Lori is nor can they do justice to the amount of gratitude we as a family feel towards her. Her love, spirit, and energy are exactly what every pregnant woman needs and deserves.
—xo Cary

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