Every once and a while I get lucky and gets to do a birth with these BADASS  ladies. Shelly, Seannie and Haize are Some of my all time favorite midwives EVER ! They are super experienced, incredibly intuitive, caring , loving and supportive . All I can say is doing births with them is pure magic ! I asked them a few questions about their practice and about doing home births. See our Q&A below … 


Tell me about your practice and your philosophy:

 We are spiritual midwives grounded with long experience and expertise in the art of homebirthing. In our practice we recognize the profound transformational nature of conception, pregnancy, birth & parenthood. With a deep and abiding belief in the sanctity of birth and the birthing family, we offer highly personalized, family-centered care for the childbearing years and beyond. Our care acknowledges the mind/body connection by treating the whole being: the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual self. We are deeply committed to homebirth and recognize both the ability and the right of women to give birth naturally and safely at home. We approach our clients as partners and support Her primary role in Her own decision-making & care. We believe in bringing love, joy, laughter & courage to the birthing process.


 What is a midwife? How do you authentically do your practice?

 As midwives, we are women experienced in childbirth and trained in the medical arts who stand with birthing women and their families. We hold a sacred space for a woman to unfold into her own experience of becoming a mother. We offer care that empowers women for the challenges of delivery & motherhood and act as the watchful guardians who keep things safe and moving forward. We believe in individualized care, listening to the mother, moving from both practical knowledge as well as intuitional knowledge.


Homebirth is scary for many people – why do you think this is?

 Some are the same fears that plague us across all areas of life – the fear of the unknown, loss of control, the possible overwhelm of the physical senses, the fear of having to face our demons. But these fears are exaggerated and reinforced by the medical model which operates by reactivity and fear instead of thoughtful preparation & trust. We have been fed the lie that the sensations of childbirth are beyond our capacity to cope with. The truth is that the intensity of birth is just meant to capture & hold our attention riveted to what is a once-in-a-lifetime event. In reality it is within our capacity to deal with these sensations with our own innate physiological & psychological mechanisms and the rewards for doing so can be profound.


 How does homebirthing differ from hospital and birthing centers? Why choose home birth? 

 Women birth best where they feel the safest and the most comfortable. Women should have the freedom to choose the place that feels the best to them. Homebirth can offer the most freedom to envision and manifest your individual experience.


As your midwives we are invited guests you have chosen to accompany you on your journey, not some professional “in charge” of your birth. We invite husbands, children and extended family members to participate throughout the process. With homebirth you are surrounded by the people and things you have chosen, the environment you have created. Homebirth midwives come to you! You never need to figure out when to “go” to the “birthplace” during your labor. After the birth, you just crawl right into your own bed with your new baby and your family. Giving birth in the sanctuary of your own home, surrounded by loving friends, family and experienced care providers can be one of the most joyful and empowering moments of your life.


 What can you do to prepare for a homebirth? 

The desire to birth at home should be initiated from a place of truth within your heart and soul. Preparing for it means full body wellness, attention, and mindfulness throughout the pregnancy.


We work together with you to create a web of trust, guidance and support to help you manifest your vision. We draw from the well of knowledge that encompasses evidence-based medicine and complimentary healing arts such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy. We see whole-food nutrition as a cornerstone of a healthy pregnancy and postpartum. We hold space for the woman to explore all her spiritual and emotional needs because we know that there is more to giving birth than just the physical.


Being pregnant & giving birth is one of the most intense, personal, and amazing things you can ever do. It is a sacred space where a woman can unfold as she experiences of the emergence of a new soul through the vessel of the mother.


 If someone is considering a home birth what are the questions you would ask them? 

 We are honored to work with families from every culture, ethnic background and spiritual tradition. We want to know about their motivations for considering a home birth, the things they are concerned about or afraid of, the dreams they have for their birth. We want to know about their general health, their familiarity with birth, their interest and willingness in working to create their own experience. We know that trust and communication are key to our ability to offer great care, so we are looking for a certain rapport, that connection that lets us all know we can be a good team.


Seannie & Shelly are a dynamic midwife duo bridging the gap between spirituality and practicality in the art of birthing at home. They bring exquisite grace and a wellspring of knowledge to the art of homebirth.

 Shelly established Childbirth At Home midwifery practice in 1972. Seannie and Shelly have been working together for nearly 20 years and are the most experienced homebirth-only midwives in the Greater Los Angeles area. They have a unique approach to childbirth and offer homebirth midwifery services, well-woman gynecology, fertility counseling, advanced doula/monitrice services, breastfeeding education and support, and CPR training.

Seannie & Shelly are great friends as well as practice partners. They are members of Self Realization Fellowship and strive to live lives that are guided by spiritual principles and practices. Having been raised by loving fathers who were physicians, both Seannie & Shelly grew up with medicine in their blood. Their personal experiences giving birth at home to their own children were so profound and life-changing that it set each of them on a course towards midwifery and instilled in them their life-long commitment to the empowerment of women through the experience of natural childbirth. They have insatiable curiosity and continue to add to their store of knowledge with ongoing learning and grow their practice with the addition of their colleague and midwifery student, Haize Hawke.

To learn more about these ladies .. Click on this link  CHILD BIRTH AT HOME  If you are thinking of a home birth I love them and seriously can’t recommend them enough !!!