Being that it is November the month of Thanksgiving, I often use this whole month to give thanks for all that I have. I have a month of November desk calendar and each day I write 3 things down that I was grateful for that day. Thanksgiving day I look back on the month and reflect. When we connect with gratitude we get to see how rich our life really is .The other day I worked with my dear friend and old client Mary and her 3 little boys . I had worked with Mary all through her pregnancies as well as after and have remained close to this day. It is so important that we teach children the value of gratitude as it turns what they have into enough.

We had a whole ”living in gratitude and thankfulness afternoon”. We started off doing some heart opening yoga, Where we dedicated the practice to someone we were grateful for. Some of the poses we did were bridge, camel, superman, arm circles, windmill, arms behind the back, up dog and cat/Cow. I had them write the name of the person they were thankful for on a heart shaped piece of paper and then send appreciation to this person with every move and breath they took. Then I gave them each a gratitude rock to keep in their pocket or next to their beds so every time they see it or touch it they have to say something that they are grateful for. I picked some crystals that were good for calming and relaxing… I mean 3 boys carrying them around in their pockets or keeping next to their bed can’t hurt .. Right? When they each held their rock ,Milo – age 5 was grateful for the sun , Luke- age 9 was grateful for his new rescue dog Nina and charlie- age 3 was grateful for Barack Obama LOL ..CUTE !!! At the end of our yoga the 2 younger boys lost interest but Luke – age 9 was still going strong, so we did a heart felt meditation. I had Luke place his hands on his heart and breathe in through his nose into his heart for 3 slow breaths and out through the nose for 3 slow breaths . I then had him think of the person he was grateful for and to imagine them sitting across from him. In the visualization I had him feel in the his heart how thankful he was for this person. Next I had him pretend to tell the person, letting his heart speak and express his love.Next he drew a picture of what he saw and after that wrote a letter from the heart to that person about what he said in his meditation. Lastly he was to give that person the letter and picture . Lets just say his mother was beyond touched !!!!

We then made a gratitude tree. We cruised the neighborhood looking for branches, Their mom took some pebbles from the garden (you can also use sand or marbles) and placed them in a large glass vase and we stuck the branches in. We traced some leaves we found on colored paper then cut them out . With a hole puncher, we made holes at the top and tied a string on each leaf. We placed all the cut out leaves and a few pens in a basket next to the vase. The tree is in the center of the dinning room table . Each night at dinner everyone in the family writes down their name and what they are grateful for then ties it on the tree . Thanksgiving dinner is spent by going through the tree and re reading the families past month of gratitude. I LOVE this !!!!! So did the kids !! Happy thanksgiving to you all !!! Xoxoox Lori