I’m a Huge animal lover and get asked a lot of questions from my peps on how to help their dogs with the transition when the new baby comes. My girl Claire showed me this amazing thoughtful gift idea that the person who threw her baby shower did for her and her dog Luke. On the invite it said to bring a dog toy and at the door when everyone walked in they put it in a basket which later the host wrapped up for Claire take home for her pup. The intention is When the baby comes each day he gets a toy from the basket so he feels loved and special too…. So sweet ! When your baby is born for the first weeks it releases pheromones from the top of their head that make you fall in love and helps you bond with them .. If you have your baby in the hospital make sure you have someone bring home the hat to give to your dog before you all come home so your baby’s scent will be known and pleasant to your dog. Try not to change too much for them like going from them sleeping in your bed to them sleeping in a dog bed or in another room … Make any changes way before. When the new baby comes home make your animals part of the experience… Shoeing them away or not allowing them near will just prolong the bonding and connecting ( obviously know your dog and don’t leave your child and dog unattended) . Children who grow up with animals have fewer allergies than kids from homes without, So if you are worried about that .. Don’t.