The birth of your child is one will be one of the most special and important  days of your lives. Birth photography is a great way to capture all the magical  and tender moments. Over the years I have had the honor to do a few births where Briana was shooting it. She not only captures so much beauty but also holds amazing energetic space for the birthing parents as well. I asked Briana a few questions and wanted to share with you all some of the photos she has taken throughout the years. There are a few in the mix from one of my favorite home births I did almost a year ago. For more info check out her website Shoots and Giggles . I highly recommend her work to all. 

How does birth photography work?
I’m “on-call” for your birth much like a doula I arrive to your home, hospital or birth center when active labor begins and typically stay for a few hours after the baby is born. I document everything from labor to nursing and all the special moments in between. 

Why hire a birth photographer?

The birth of your child will without a doubt be one of the most important and miraculous days of your life and every moment is just that, a moment. Hiring a photographer will ensure that these special moments will last forever. It also takes the pressure off your partner to document the birth and allows them to play a more active roll in supporting you through the labor and actually be in the moment. Birth photography is documentary photography at it’s finest. No two births are ever the same and I am there to document your birth experience in an intimate and artistic way. 

How did you get into shooting births?

After getting my degree in photography I found myself working as a retoucher for a portrait company that also dabbled in birth photography. I was intrigued by the documentary nature of birth photography and decided to reach out to a local doula to test the waters and see if it was something I really wanted to do. My first birth with her was an intense VBAC that lasted over 28 hours. After the birth was over the doula turned to me and said, “If you can survive that with a smile on your face, you can do this.” That was seven years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since. 

( A doulas job is never done :-) 

What was your favorite or most exciting birth and why?

This is a hard one. I don’t think I can pick just one so I’m going to separate them in two categories, favorite and most exciting :) My FAVORITES are a tie between my sister and sister-in-law. It was such an honor to be asked to document the births of my nephews and just like every woman I meet who delivers a child, my respect and admiration for them grew exponentially. Being able to witness the strength of my sisters and the first moments of my nephews’ lives is something I’ll never forget. I look forward to documenting the birth of my THIRD nephew any moment now! The MOST EXCITING goes to the home breech birth with the lovely Mia. This birth was the first vaginal breech birth I’d ever documented and was incredible to witness. The love and support of her husband, children, mother and sister who were also in attendance was so beautiful that it was palpable. I look at those images to this day and can FEEL their emotions all over again. I love that family.