This morning in yoga throughout the whole class I did a moving meditation linked with my breathing that was beyond transformational. First imagine a bright vibrant sun above your head. On the inhale, breathe in the light and run it throughout your body from your head down to your toes. As you exhale through your nose imagine black smoke or dust leaving your body from the depths of your being. As you do this breathing taking in the light and letting go of the dark you begin to clear and lighten your energy. While holding poses breathe the healing light into the blocked and stagnant areas of your body and as you breathe out You will start to see visions and feel emotions of the things you have been holding onto or energy that is not serving. You can even breathe in the color of the chakra to its matching body part. A few examples are:  Hips, lower back and lower belly you would use an orange light. Chest, shoulders and arms a green light. Hamstrings, legs and feet a red light. I kept seeing black smoke like a dragon coming out of my nose as I purged out any energy that came up such as anger, fear or energy I took on from others. After a while the darkness will subside and you will be filled up with pure light and totally LIT UP !!!! You can do this anytime it doesn’t have to be during yoga. Its a great tool to use in birth or right before bed to help clear away the energy of your day. A few rounds of this breath with shift and transform your energy with in minutes.