Deep belly breathing has so many healing and health benefits. It’s something I have all my moms to be do in birth. Your power is in the breath … You can’t stop the waves but the way that you breathe through them can help you have a more relaxed and easier ride. The slower and deeper you breathe the calmer you will become. By doing a few rounds of simple breath- work (taking 4 seconds to inhale through the nose and 4 seconds to exhale through you mouth)you will increase serotonin levels, calm your mind and center your thoughts. Breathing deeply floods your body with oxygen which in turn increases blood flow. It helps clear the lungs of toxins, unplugs and calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure , relaxes the body, nourishes and stimulants brain growth. It helps fight depression by stimulating endorphins. Breathing helps release blocks in energy flow. It alleviates anxiety and helps clear negative emotions, improves sleep, lowers stress and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain. I am currently re- reading ” Taking The Leap” by #pemachodron She talks about pausing throughout the day to breathe. She suggests before doing simple daily routines such as eating, brushing your teeth or opening your computer to stop, pause and take 3 rounds of breath to center and balance. I do this breathing with myself daily and my clients where on the inhale we take in the positive and we breathe out the negative .. It’s a powerful way to clear and move your energy. For a good night sleep try doing this before bed to help clear the day, relax and transition yourself to sleep. Breathe in peace exhale stress, tension or deep rooted fatigue . Breathe in love exhale fear, worry and anything you are anxious about. Breathe in joy breathe out sadness or any depression. Breathe in trust and faith release any doubt. Breathe in abundance and prosperity breathe out any financial worry or problems. Breathe in health and vitality let go of any sickness or disease. Breathe in the light exhale out the dark.Take in what you need more of and let go of what you need less of ( breathe in the good shit exhale out all the bullshit) 

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