I just got back home from an amazing vacation visiting family back east. My sister in law Kate and I have the same taste and way of eating. We are always swapping healthy recipes , health tips, books and tips and tricks. When I was back there each morning for breakfast she made my nephew Oliver  these pancakes that he went bananas over. Not only are they packed full of good stuff they also taste delicious. Also you pregnant mamas that are having a hard time getting those greens in your body here is a good way to sneak them into your food. 


Generous handful of baby spinach 

1 banana

1 tsp of wheatgrass powder

1 cup steel cut oats

1 tbsp chia seeds 

1 cup almond milk

2 tbsp whole milk yogurt 

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla extract 

1/2 tsp salt 

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg 

1 tsp non-aluminum baking powder 
Mix all ingredients in Nutrabullet or Vitamix, let sit to thicken for 5 minutes. Grease pan with coconut oil. Cook on each side until golden (but green!). Top with blueberries. Oliver likes his plain because he doesn’t know yet about maple syrup .. But I added some on mine and it was FANTASTIC !!! Make a big batch and refrigerate  or freeze the left over pancakes for another time. Also great for an on the go snackfood.