So lately I have gotten lots of  messages from my clients and followers on what they can do for restless leg syndrome. For those of you who don’t know what RLS is it’s an annoying and disruptive disorder where one feels an urge to move their legs to stop an unpleasant sensation such as pain , tingling, prickling,  numbness, aching or itching while lying down or trying to sleep. I have had it before in it’s like you literally want to jump out of your skin. For many it can leave you restless causing  sleepless nights and leaving you  miserable, tired and fatigued. 

Women are more likely to be affected with RLS especially towards  the end of pregnancy. Something I recommend to all my girls is magnesium oil spay. I have them spray it on their legs before bed and if for some reason it starts up, keep it by the side of the bed and  add another dose to the legs. The brand I like for this is EASE MAGNESIUM  because unlike other brands it doesn’t burn your skin. 

Magnesium oil also relaxes the body as well as helps with insomnia, stress and leg cramps all that often come with pregnancy.