Last week during the super moon I went to an awesome meditiation /kundalini yoga event  my dear friends at Energy muse  hosted. The amazing teacher who was so lite up with light – Flissa Mannella lead us though this mediation at the end of class that I absolutely loved and have been doing with myself daily as well as with my clients. It doesnt take long to do and is great to do really anytime during the day or after your yoga practice, in the morning upon waking or before bed. This is an easy mindful exersice that you can do with your children as well. 

First sit a  comfortable cross legged seating position with your eyes closed and hands either on your heart, in prayer position or in a mudra. 

When you hear the word LOVE see a HUGE pink light 

When you hear the word PEACE see a HUGE blue light 

When you hear the word LIGHT see a HUGE white light 

It goes like this: 

LOVE ? above me 

LOVE? below me 

LOVE ?infront of me 

LOVE ?behind me 

LOVE ?to the left of me 

LOVE ?to the right of me 

LOVE ?all around me 

LOVE ?inside of me 

LOVE ?out into the world 

PEACE ✌️above me 

PEACE ✌️below me 

PEACE✌ infront of me 

PEACE✌ behind me 

PEACE✌ to the left of me 

PEACE ✌to the right of me 

PEACE ✌all around me 

PEACE ✌inside of me 

PEACE✌ out to the world 

LIGHT ?above me 

LIGHT ?below me 

LIGHT ?infront of me 

LIGHT ?behind me 

LIGHT ?to the left of me 

LIGHT ?to the right of me 

LIGHT ?all around me 

LIGHT? inside of me 

LIGHT? out into the world