When you really pay attention and listen the universe is always giving you signs and messages to help better guide you on your path. Ok people get ready I am about to get all woo woo on you all ! HA !!! The other day I had this nagging urge to pick a few tarot cards which was weird because  I haven’t picked any in months. I didn’t do it but the next morning it was like something was shouting at me and pushing me to do it so I did. I asked, what is it that I need to know for me right now ? I randomly picked the 10 of Penticals , The High priestess and the wheel of fortune. I reached for my phone to take a picture so I could interpret the meaning later and after I did that would send to my ” intuitive soul Coach” Michele Meiche  with whom  years ago I took a course  that she taught on how to read the tarot. Since I have been a little rusty I wanted to see if I was got was on par with her interperitaion. I  unknowingly used the hipstamatic filter and this is what was stamped on my photo from the random filter it choose. “WE WILL BE UNAFRIAD” I was like OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG thank you for letting me know that this is coming and what I need to work through. In the original spread I picked the card was not turned this way . I  turned it to match the others . The crazy thing is that when reversed like it is in this photo it can have a very different meaning .. like the opposite of what I write about the below meaning. The message I got was That If I operate and live from fear the  reverse could happen. The original upright meaning of The 10 of Pentacles is a very positive omen. It can mean that your material wishes will be met – perhaps to a degree that you would not have thought possible, and that in general, things will be going exceedingly well. It can also mean a raise in pay, financial gain or  new level in work. In love if already in a relationship it can means going to the next level ( moving in together, engagement, marriage ,childbirth and family ) if single might mean new relationship coming in fast that might make your head spin or a happy time for relationships. The reversed meaning could mean: financial hardship , troubles its in your relationship, loneliness and loss. Picking The high priestess can mean: Feminity, sexuality , intuition, new job opportunities, new systems that might allow for less stressful work life, magical time for love. Wheel of fortune can mean: Turning point, moving into a different direction, work , financial and relationship changes. 

There is so much going on at all times around us besides the linar form of being human. I write about this a lot, when we run so fast like a horse with blinders on  with only the finish line in sight we miss out on all the messages and guidance that are showing up for us all the time. These are little gifts from the universe that when you  slow down, drop in and become present  you will start to see them and when you do your life will  be filled with magic. 
A few months ago I was working with one of my clients and the day before she found out she was pregnant this butterfly landed on her knee . And throughout the course of her pregnancy the butterfly as well as other ones kept showing up daily at her house.  Our first session we did it was all about her own personal transformation she was craving to under go for a very long time. She even said it was like she was waiting to get pregnant to take off the time to really do it. We came up with a plan on how we were going to use this time for her transformation into motherhood as well as reconnect with Femine, soft, receiving part of herself that she lost  . During our session the butterfly came and landed right outside the window and she told me how it’s was hovering around for the past few weeks. The Native American say that when an amimal crosses your path or shows up in your life they have messages for you. Butterflies mean:  personal Transformation , growth, internal  and physical change , renewal , rebirth, lightness and joy of being. I will tell you that this pregnancy forever transformed her. 

Another client of mine had a family of deer that would walk by their house and come into their yard when she was pregnant. 5 days after the birth of their son They were all sitting in the baby’s room and looked out the window  and the mama deer was laying outside the baby’s window just chilling out. 

Needless to say we all knew that this was this little boys spirit animal. Which means a Power animal, a shamanic belief of a spirit which guides, helps or protects individuals, lineages and nations. When a deer is your spirit animal it means : Highly sensitive, kind , gentle, intuition , innocence, unconditional love , deals with changes with grace. 

For more on spirit guides and the hidden messages  of animals  check out: Animal Speak and Medicine cards You can also ask a question , pick a card then work with that energy of that animal spirit. 
Lastly one of my best friends mothers just recently passed. Months later She was home visiting her father when she couldn’t sleep. She looked over at at the book shelf and all she could see was this one book almost as if it was illuminated or energetically jumping out at her. She picked it up and inside the book her mother had written a message to her and her sisters about her love and life wishes for them. 

Messages coming in our dreams , they show up as synchronic moments, you might open a page of a book and there could be a sentence that you read that is the answer to gain the clarity  you needed . You might be drawn to go to a lecture or listen to a podcast and that person might say something that shifts everything for you.  Messages to help guide us on our journey are everywhere , but you have to be present and aware or you will not see them.