This ones for all the mamas that struggle with perfection and don’t see how amazing they are . These mamas keep raising the bar for themselves, constantly striving for more as if what they do they never feel like it’s enough or who they are isn’t good enough. Every time they get close to the finish line, they keep moving it out as if trying to reach an unattainable goal .. (perfection)I was shopping for a birthday gift and I came across these amazing journals, one of them was called “I’m kind of awesome” I started having my mamas that struggle with perfection and are hard on themselves do nightly. They were to keep a daily journal of 3 things they did or about who they are that makes them awesome (mom, friend, partner, daughter, career woman …. ) This helps them take a beat, removing them for a bit from the exhaustion from being on the self inflicted hamster wheel of life. They began to see where they were winnings, their accomplishments and how amazing they really are each day.