It’s raining, there is a crispness and coolness in the air; the leaves are starting to change and fall as the days grow shorter and shorter. Its the autumn, my very favorite time of the year.

Every year around this time I seem to go inward, becoming more of a homebody as I begin to nest. I start cleaning out and organizing my house as well as taking inventory of my life. I usually do some kind of an internal cleanse for my body. In the fall I always seem to get serious again with my yoga practice, it takes me inward while helping to ground, calm and focus my energy. I also start cooking and reading more. I contemplate and reflect back on what this year was about for me, the lessons I learned and the things I accomplished. I look at what areas in my life that are working as well as the parts that could use a little work and some rebalancing. It’s a great time to let go of the old, just like the leaves on a tree begin to die and fall, we too have to let go of our old out grown ways of being so a new way and year can be birthed. I have noticed lately I am not the only one who does this in the fall. Most of my friends and clients have been cleaning out their closets, organizing their desks, redecorate their houses, reflecting and stay home more. Lets use the fall energy as a time for letting go and releasing old energies that we would like to leave here in this year while we prepare and gather what we would like and need to bring into the new year. Every time you reach a new level in your life or go through a major change there always needs to be some kind of restructuring and rebalancing of the way you do things.



With your eyes closed begin to breath into your diaphragm area. 3 very slow deep breaths in and 3 very slow deep breaths out. Bring yourself and your awareness back to this past January. Notice what you did that month, what that month was like for you, how you felt and notice if there were any memorable or life changing events that took place? Were there any doors or opportunities that opened for you or lessons that you learned? Now make your way to February, asking the same questions then follow with March , April , May ……….. up until now.


In your journal begin to write about anything that stood out while reflecting back over this past year. Write about the openings, gifts, challenges, hardships, losses, and new beginnings. Was there an over all tone of the year? An example would be this year for me has been all about planting seeds of the new , transformation with work and towards the end of this year everything is starting to blossom and bloom. A friend of mines theme was letting go of the old and loss while someone else’s was new beginnings and change.


What people, behaviors, actions thoughts and ways of being are working for you? Who do you feel good around, supported and inspired by and are like-minded? Who brings you down, are negative, and have out grown? Who needs to go? We can’t make room for the new if we are filling up space in our lives with energy that doesn’t work for us any more. Same with behaviors, thoughts and actions what’s healthy and what’s toxic? What is holding you back and keeping you stuck? What is supporting, healthy and feeding you to thrive in life? What needs to go? What needs to stay? Make a conscious intention to let anything go in your life that has held you back from moving forward and being all that you can be.


I have herd more then once the home is a reflection of the self an your energy. A cluttered house is an extension of a cluttered mind. If there is stuff everywhere there is no breathing room to be able to think and expand. Getting rid of things can also be metaphoric for getting rid of the old energy in your life. Nothing new can come in if there isn’t any space for it to land, So throw away those old papers, donate your old clothes that you haven’t worn in 10 years to a homeless shelter or someone in need, organize your home and feel the difference in energy and space you have created.


We just transitioned into fall from summer. The energy of summer is all about being outward and social. The fall is a time of reflection and preparation. It’s a great time to rebalance your energy from summer and rest up before the holiday season. Things like yoga, massage, cooking, snuggling on the couch with a great book and a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate or watching a movie are some great ways to recharge. Make a list of 10 things that nurture, recharge and make you feel good . Pick a few things each week do them.