I was hanging with one of my FABULOUS clients a month or so ago and was doing a birth prep session with her and her husband about working through any fears she or he had about motherhood, parenthood or birth. She said, “I’m good, I feel totally relaxed, excited and free of any blocks or fears. I was like wow, thats fucking awesome and amazing! She shared with me a daily ritual a teacher ( Dr Habib Sadeghi founder of The Bee Hive Of Healing http://behiveofhealing.com/team-view/dr-habib-sadeghi-d-o/) of hers taught her called PEW-12 Purge writing that helps clear the emotional junk that many of us carry. Since that day I have made this part of my morning ritual and I can’t even begin to tell you what a huge difference it makes in my energy and emotional state. It’s like taking the trash out daily instead of letting it build up,clutter and stink up the house. I am so incredibly grateful for this gift she shared with me as its a total game changer. I have also started to have my fertility clients do daily as well as my moms to be, dads to be and new moms, dads and parents.

You need –
1 white candle
A large pad of paper
A timer

To begin, light your candle ( White candle absorbs and protects and clears your space from toxic and negative energy)
Set your timer for 12 minutes (I use the one on my I-phone) 12 symbolizes balance and represents an end and a beginning of a cycle (12 hours of day, 12 hours in a night, 12 months a year.. )
Write about something thats bothering you, holding you back or any unresolved issues you might have where you haven’t been honest with yourself or with others. Let all your emotions go onto the paper and out of your body as you purge your mind, body and spirit free of any negative energy you might be carrying within. Don’t stop until the 12 minutes are up. Where ever you are when the timer goes off stop your writing (DO NOT READ WHAT YOU WROTE – As you don’t want to put it back into your subconsciousness)
Get matches and burn the the shit out of the paper, in a fireplace, sink, barbecue .. Somewhere safe (Fire changes the chemical composition of things)
Blow out your candle
Do again the next day, and the next and the next and the next … = EMOTIONAL FREEDOM