This was something I had to learn a long time ago as in my youth I was the queen of lashing out when I was emotionally charged… NEVER react from an emotional place! Words can never be taken back once they are spoken. Yes it is totally uncomfortable to sit with and feel anger, sadness, grief, disappointment or frustration .. It’s a hell of a lot easier just to vomit it all over someone else to get it off your chest.???? …. ? I am a big fan of practicing the PAUSE before reacting. Take a few breaths, walk away, sit and process what you are feeling, journal about it, write a letter to them about how you are feeling and don’t send it (after you can cross out their name- Saying I instead of you to perhaps notice where you might have abandoned yourself or your part in it). You can always talk to a trusted friend or a professional as a sounding board to hold space for you to process your emotions. Often times you might find it has nothing to do with the other person or situation but perhaps something it might have triggered or stirred up inside of you that needs some healing and inner care. Or you might just come to the conclusion that this isn’t worth your time or energy so you choose to let it go and move on ?. If it is something that needs to be addressed after spending sometime sitting with it, working though and defusing the energy your communication will be clearer, received and herd better.